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About Us

Founded by Emma and Simon Robinson in 2011, a creative, personal and proven approach has put the Red Diamond on the international map when it comes to executive headhunting excellence.

Global reach meets boutique level service.

In the world of executive search, there is often a perceived trade-off between the resources and reach of large, global companies and the personalised attention and tailored approach of smaller, boutique firms. However, we combine the best of both worlds to offer our clients the benefits of a large network and resources, combined with the personalised service and expertise of a boutique company.

We also understand the importance of customised solutions and deep industry expertise. That’s why we have dedicated practice areas staffed with consultants who have direct experience in the industries they serve.

Thriving Together.

By providing a service that goes far beyond price, we’re here for our clients at every stage of the process. By adapting to their changing needs and growing with them, they know we always have their best interests at heart.

Quietly Competitive.

We take care of our clients and they take care of our reputation. Our calm and confident approach means peace of mind for our clients, and is backed up with a level of service unparalleled in our industry We don’t always need to shout about ourselves, we let our reputation do the talking.

Digitally Native.

We look beyond the obvious to what’s next – for our clients and ourselves. We are resourceful, creative and innovative.

We carry the sprit of innovation into our business – finding new and better ways to help our clients find the best and most outstanding executive leaders.

Hardwired Human.

Our business is all about human beings so it’s important that we treat people how we expect to be treated. We don’t hide behind language to sound more intelligent. We don’t build walls of words that people have to climb over to get to us. We listen as much as we talk and we give everyone a platform to speak. We embrace people with different points of view, from all backgrounds, and work as one team.

Why Red Diamond?

With over 20 years’ experience in global executive search, Red Diamond Executive Headhunters supports businesses across the globe. The team have a strong track record of conducting assignments throughout Europe, as well as having clients based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), United States of America (USA), Malaysia, Singapore, Tanzania and Australia.

Meet The Team

The vision of Red Diamond Executive Headhunters is to provide a quality, superior and trusted service. Clients are those who appreciate high standards, value efficiency and want a high return on investment.
The team is dynamic and uses thorough research techniques, to deliver on time to the highest quality standards – resulting in finding professionals that others can’t.

Work For Us

Our team is growing! From recruiting and research to operations and administration, we’re looking for ambitious, smart, and fun individuals interested in making a positive impact in the recruitment industry.

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